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DKW Academy Convention 2020 - Why I Continue My Education!

Last week I spent 3 whole days in an immersive virtual convention with my NBR community within DKW Styling Academy!

DKW Styling Academy is the elite continuing education program for NBR that is only available to certified artists that are accepted into the program. Out of thousands of certified NBR artists globally, there are only roughly 270 artists inside of the Academy - I am one of them!

This program is intense and is something that is taken very seriously. We work on different modules each month, submit homework, receive feedback on our work, and are constantly given corrections to be made before we are signed off to move on to the next portion of the curriculum!

Each year, a convention is held for all of the Academy artists to come together for 3 days for an immersive in-person training as a large group...but, we all know that large events with hundreds of people have not been possible in 2020. So, the team pivoted, and we went virtual!

We spent the entire 3 days (8 hours a day!) diving into a huge array of topics - all of the technical components of NBR, marketing, business management, systems and processes, client experience, staff training, and so much more!

Coming out of last week, the amount that I was still able to learn through a virtual experience was absolutely incredible. The education provided by this team is 100% unmatched anywhere in the beauty industry, period.

I am so proud to be a part of the NBR Extensions community, and to continue building my skills and abilities to ensure that my clients receive the absolute best of the best!

I can already hardly wait for our next training event!

Be sure to fill out my New Client Application form to reserve your consultation for NBR - I have some exciting announcements coming next week that you will not want to miss out on!

Click HERE to fill out the New Client Application!


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