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Who Is A Good Fit For NBR Extensions?

If you’ve been curious about hair extensions, and wondering if Natural Beaded Rows could be your answer to finally achieving your dream hair, you’ve probably also asked yourself this question:

How will I know if my hair is a good fit for NBR?

Well, great news!

NBR is compatible with MORE hair types than other hair extension methods!

Originally, NBR was created by Danielle White out of frustration from her own natural hair. Her hair is naturally very fine and thin, and never seems to grow to the length she would like without breaking off or becoming “straggly” looking!

She found that other extension methods were very harsh on fine hair, and set out to create a gentler solution that could be easily concealed in hair with lower density!

While NBR was originally created with fine hair in mind, it is also well suited for many other textures and densities - even curly textures!

No matter the texture, probably the most important requirement for wearing NBR is that your natural hair is at least about shoulder length, with your shortest layers being at least right around your cheek bone.

Of course, your hair can absolutely be longer than this, it is just the minimum guideline!

What is the BEST way to know if NBR will work for your personal needs?

Click the link to fill out my APPLICATION, which will ask a few key questions about your hair history, current hair, and your goals. This way we can set up a complimentary phone consultation!

Click HERE to APPLY for NBR!

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