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Why Choose NBR?

If you have been following my business over the last year, I'm sure that you have seen me mention NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) at least once or twice by now.

*Okay, okay...probably way more than once or twice*

At this point in my career, I refuse to invest time and energy into things that I can't fully stand behind - I only want to bring my clients the absolute best that the industry has to offer. If I was going to offer hair extensions of any kind, I wanted to be 1000% positive that I was bringing the highest quality method to the table.

There's just no point in offering anything less than excellence.

After over a year of researching and following the brand of NBR, I knew I had found what I was looking for. After being selected to attend and participate in their only training for 2019, I underwent 6 months of intensive training to receive my certification, and have also been selected into the elite and exclusive continuing education academy (DKW Styling Academy), in which I will undergo 18 additional months of advanced training to be one of the coveted few stylists that are personally vouched for by the founder herself, Danielle K. White. It is one of the highest stamps of approval for any hair extension system in the world.

What makes this method so unique?

The NBR system involves no glue, no tape, no melted bonds, no silicone beads, less points of contact, and virtually zero damage.

The strategic bead and string method creates a "track" to form the foundation for your new extensions, and also results in less points of contact than other hair extension methods.

Less points of contact = more comfort, and less damage!

By using non silicone lined beads, there is less pull on your natural hair, which allows for a healthier scalp condition, better hair growth, and less risk of breakage.

The sectioning and placement follows the natural curvature of your head, which means the extensions will mimic the natural fall of your hair and create a seamless application that lays flat to your head!

All of this results in completely natural looking, blended, comfortable extensions that give you the greatest confidence!

With NBR, you have the freedom to wear your hair up or down with no discomfort, get your hair wet, work out, and sleep comfortably with your extensions!

It's so natural and comfortable that you will forget its not your real hair!

I want to experience the revolutionary benefits of NBR. What do I do next?

If you are ready to receive the best hair extensions on the market, I invite you to submit an inquiry by clicking the link below. The short application form will help me gather important information on your personal hair history, the current state of your hair, and your hair goals. Once submitted, you will receive a message from me within 48 hours to schedule your completely free phone or in-person consultation!


I can't wait to see you in my chair!

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